🌏Enabling Super Creators and Communities

Daply offers a suite of tools that turns creators into Super Creators. Here's how:

🏃‍♀️Automate marketing and community management

Creating copy and sharing updates across socials and community channels is a time consuming process. We've built the systems to automate your brand building and community updates, allowing you to focus on building your product or delivering your service.

Connect to your excising suite of tools, such as Twitter and Google Suite, in just a few clicks; we take care of the rest.

🪙Tokenize your social and digital assets

Turn your digital content into a tokenized asset ready for the new internet. Easily drag-and-drop your files into your Studio and we post them to the decentralized web.

With just a few clicks, you can deploy your own smart contracts and monetize those assets on-chain.

This enables brands, athletes, communities and SBOs to build and manage their own private networks.

🤚Turn group chats into blockchain powered DAOs

Your community is also your asset. Our Workflow Engine allows you to turn your group chat or followers into token-holders without the need for complicated web3 infrastructure.

Here are some just a few ways you can use your community tokens:

  • Create reward for community participation

  • Enable inter and intra-community networks

  • Extract token value from DeFi exchanges

  • Enable community led-initiatives

⛓️▶️🖼️ Easy chain interpretation

Easily interpret your on-chain data and wallet information in a simplified feed.

Our Token Engine generates blocks with indexable data structures so your digital assets can be queried across the blockchain.

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