🌃How to use Passports and Tokens

We've made some pretty incredible progress to date. Here's some important company milestones

Gated Content

Restricting content to users with certain passport, passport issue cadences and token amounts allows you to offer your community exclusive content.

Here are some ways you can gate your content with Daply:

  • Community Token: You can set a minimum amount of community tokens necessary to access assets.

  • Passport: You can set the passport required to access your digital assets.

  • Unique Gate: If you'd like to create custom gates for your communities, Daply can accommodate needs on a case by case basis.

Membership Badging

Create new incentive structures for community participation as well as on-chain proof of completion of various tasks.

Here are some ways you can use membership badging:

  • Watch-to-earn: Easily add learn-to-earn incentives to your community by offering rewards for watching your videos.

  • Engagement Reward: Distribute exclusive passports and tokens in exchange for engagement with your community.

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