🚀Getting Started

Daply offers a suite of tools that turns creators into Super Creators. Here's how to get started:

What you need: You don't need much to get started with Daply! If you have a CRM, please merge Google Sheets if you plan on onboarding before November.

Step 1: Create Community

The first step is to create your Community. Add your title, custom URL, and mission statement.

Step 2: Connect Community

Connect your community through the Dap Store and import your members into your community. We currently support Google Sheets imports.

Step 4: Create Asset

Drag and drop your digital assets into your dashboard then add a contract for that asset.

We handle hosting your assets in the decentralized web without the need for complicated infrastructure.

Step 5: Grow Asset

Share your asset link with your community or use products in the Dap Store to automate your sales and marketing.

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